We all know or heard the term fatty liver now a days as it becomes an common disease among us due to changing lifestyle or bad dietary habbits. Though it looks like a simple disease and most of us ignore it fatty liver may have very bad affect in overall health as well as it may lead to permanent liver disease or damage too.

So what is Fatty Liver actually: Fatty liver also known medically as hepatic steatosis is a condition that occurs when excess fat accumulates in liver cells or hepatocytes. There always a normal amount of fat present in liver cells,but when this amount occurs in excess the liver cells function got hampered.

Now what are the causes of Fatty Liver: The causes of Fatty Liver is almost always self created. These are

A. Alcoholic fatty liver disease

B. Non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Alcoholic fatty liver disease is caused by excess consumption of alcohol for some period. Continuous consumption of alcohol further leads to liver fibrosis and eventually cirrhosis of liver which is untreatable and liver transplantation is the only treatment in such end stage liver disease

Now the important cause for fatty liver is the non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Most people in this planet is suffering from fatty liver due to this cause. These includes

a. Bad food habbit – Too much sugar, refined carbs, saturated fat, junk food leads to accumulation of fat in the liver

b. Sedentary lifestyle- Sitting or sleeping too much without any physical activity leads to accumulation of fat.

c. Medical condition- Obesity, Diabetes, High cholesterol disrupts liver’s usual function and leads to fat accumulation.

d. Genetic factor- Sometimes it occurs in family due to genetic inheritance.

Upto this point we understand what is fatty liver and how it happens. Let’s see what happen to body when someone have fatty liver

a. Fatigue: Tiredness more than usual even after a good sleep.

b. Upper abdominal discomfort

c. Unexplained weight loss

d. Increase frequency of defecation more than usual specially after food

e. Elevated liver enzymes

f.Weakness and confusion

g. Increase abdominal size

h. Dark patches on the skin

So as we can see that almost all conditions that causing fatty liver is self created except few conditions. That means we can do everything in our possible way to prevent or cure fatty liver.Lets discuss some liver friendly guide that will help us treat fatty liver

1. Balanced Diet: Increase fruits, vegetables, whole grain and lean proteins. Avoid processed foods,sugar, junk food.

2. Physical Activity: Regular exercise in a routine way.

3. Limit or avoid alcohol consumption

4. Increase water intake

5. Regular health check ups

So this is all about fatty liver in a very simple way. The good thing about fatty liver is we can reverse it through lifestyle and diet changes. Our liver is a very important vital organ of our body. It is very important to take good care of our liver. Understanding the factors that cause fatty liver and making positive lifestyle changes can make our liver disease free.

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